Why Choose Hashimoto Chiropractic?


Choosing us for your healthcare needs is an absolute honor; we work very hard keeping up to date with the latest and greatest, but without forgetting the importance of the relationship with your doctor.

Our Philosophy of Treatment at Hashimoto Chiropractic

Structure demands function, thus if your condition is stemming from a true skeletal misalignment/postural syndrome we have special instruments and equipment to correct those postural problems. Treating muscle imbalances with manual therapy before any treatment is done every visit because it will make the treatment more painless but it will also have longer lasting effects.

For those who are arthritic, stiff, frail or just scared of getting “cracked” or “popped” we use instruments that will send a tiny shockwave into the joint that will gently loosen it up prior to mobilization by hand or instrument only for those who are nervous of getting “pop.”

If you are suffering from a disc problem, we have 3 types of machines that will help stretch out a swollen disc to alleviate pressure off those inflamed nerves.

To decrease your pain, there are a wide variety of lasers (cold and hot) and we also utilize the strongest one in the world for extra deep penetration. We also use Pulse Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy for chronic pain patients and are one of the Valley’s only providers for this type of therapy.

Practicing in a retirement community, we see the toughest cases and thus need to incorporate new and effective therapies to achieve great results. These results motivate the doctors to reinvest in education and technology when needed.

Technology doesn’t replace time proven therapies such as old fashioned physical therapy rehabilitation to reinforce the corrections we make, deep tissue massage which has been around for thousands of years.

Chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia lead to poor healing and cannot be corrected with drugs or a shot. Treatment must start by addressing the cause and starts from the inside while working on the outside.

We always evaluate the body as a whole rather than just looking at its parts like Western Medicine; Functional Medicine looks at organ systems and evaluates how they work together. Rather than just prescribing a medicine to cover your symptoms, we want to correct the problem whether it is acid reflux and indigestion or that fact that your back hurts only after golf.

In both cases, something is obviously not working the way it should be and we must determine why you are getting reflux or why your back hurts after golf; one stems from poor diet and possibly a lack of enzymes, zinc or excess h.pylori and the other can stem from a poor swing fault, stiff ankles, etc.

The point is that we try to get to the route of the problem.

The one thing we can promise you is that each case is different and there is no cookie cutter way to treat you. Combining therapies with lifestyle changes will create a synergistic effect that will move you along faster than doing single therapies like only chiropractic, only physical therapy, etc.

Our secret is using a systematic approach to pain relief as follows:

1ST PILLAR: Pain & Inflammation Reduction

Our primary objective when a patient arrives to our office is reducing their pain.  An essential process that needs to occur in most cases for pain relief is inflammation reduction. Inflammation is necessary for survival but when excessive amounts of it are present, it will create pain.

We reduce inflammation with various methods such as:

  1. Laser Therapy-accelerates the healing response inside a cell. This can be used for virtually any type of injury and must be delivered directly through the skin.
  2. Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)-accelerates the healing response inside a cell. This is great for stubborn, arthritic areas and this therapy can cover a large area in a short amount of time. Only patients with pacemakers and other electronic implants cannot use this therapy.
  3. Radio Frequency Shockwave Therapy-this device sends high speed, high frequency waves into the tissue to break down scar tissue and adhesions in the tendon, ligament or muscle and will release nitric oxide that will open up capillaries in the surrounding area and will attract large amounts of blood. This will accelerate the healing response by providing much needed nutrients, oxygen and minerals. This is primarily used on any soft tissue type of injury.

2ND PILLAR: Structural & Alignment

  1. Just like a car out of alignment will wear its parts out quickly so will your body. Our structural alignment program focuses on mobilizing and aligning joints but also mobilizing and loosening up tight muscles. Both of these problems will affect alignment and will reduce flexibility.
  2. Flexibility is a key part of health because we are born flexible and over time our body will stiffen up until we approach death where rigor mortise sets in. Proper flexibility and joint movement provides a natural pumping motion in the joint, known as imbibition. Imbibition pumps synovial fluid into the cartilage of your joints, which is how your joints get the nourishment they need. Without proper nourishment, your joints will be prone to joint decay otherwise known as arthritis.
  3. The joint mobility and alignment is provided with traditional hands by our La Quinta Chiropractors or with a mobilization instrument that provides 12 mechanical impulses into the joint per second which will gently loosen up the joint over a few minutes. These techniques are great for patients of all ages.
  4. Spinal decompression can be used to mechanically decompress disc bulges with a negative pressure that will suck the bulges back in and it is also great for providing gentle continuous passive motion for degenerative discs or joints.
  5. Every patient that receives treatment for musculoskeletal pain in our office will receive myofascial release which is a deep tissue massage designed to fully lengthen the muscles and break down all the adhesions that can cause pain but also reduce your mobility.

3rd Pillar: Reinforcement & Stabilization

  1. Physical Therapists typically thrive in this pillar but all too often I have patients who have failed treatment outcomes from Physical Therapy but achieve great results in our model. The reasons are because we reduce the pain first, then align and mobilize the body then we finally stabilize the structure by strengthening the weak or inactive muscles.
  2. If you are in pain, it’s hard to perform the exercises that are asked of you. Also, if you are out of alignment you will be reinforcing poor posture.   Reinforcement of the change we provide is just as important as the first two pillars and without this you will not achieve long term results.
  3. The exercises that we ask you to perform on the daily or weekly basis function much like the tooth brush and dental floss for the Dentist. Without effective implementation of those habits, your tooth decay will eventually return.
  4. Our exercises are focused on returning your body to normal posture because numerous studies have proven that when your body is upright in the correct posture your muscles will actually perform better which increases function and prevents painful flare ups.

Cost can be a worry with synergistic therapy, but since you achieve your results faster than other methods, this will be less and after all, results are what everyone is after anyway.

So, the choice is yours, is it worth 20 minutes of your time to get a free consultation to see if you could benefit from our care? Just fill out the coupon offer to the right side of the page to redeem this offer and call (760) 777-8377 to schedule your appointment today.

Yours truly,

Naota Hashimoto

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