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The laser is essentially "light therapy" which is not a new concept. The sun's photonic rays cause a seed to sprout through tiny biological changes. These rays are call full-spectrum, which means that it has a wide range of non-specific wavelengths.

Out of all those many wavelengths, there is only one that causes that seed to sprout (germinate). Ninety years ago, Einstein predicted the common use of lasers, which stand for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. (If you don't care about the technical information, all you have to know is that it will make you feel better faster by helping you heal from your injury sooner. A treatment feels like a warm light over your painful area and most feel an immediate change.)

Otherwise, if you want to nerd out, please keep reading and watch the video below to see if you could benefit from laser therapy in La Quinta.

How You Can Benefit From Laser Therapy in La Quinta CA

Since that time there have been many scientists working on this new idea of laser technology and how it can affect a biological organism. In 1978 there was the Wave-Particle Theory, which has been used to discover which frequencies and wavelengths would communicate with different types of parts of your body, like your skin, muscle, ligament, etc. Traditionally lasers had been used in surgery to cut tissue but recently their use has been redirected toward regenerative uses (that is, eliminating pain and promoting healing).

Laser therapy is based on photochemical and photobiological effects of the cells and tissues. With laser light, cell function is stimulated, especially the ability of a cell to create a special chemical called ATP (used by the cells to create the energy that runs them). This increase in ATP is associated with increased cell metabolism; the increased manufacture of collagen, stimulation of DNA formation, stimulation of the immune system, and an increased new formation of capillary blood vessels. Certain lasers also have been shown to increase neurotransmitters (serotonin), to increase and enhance tissue regeneration through increasing both fibroblasts and keratinocytes (cells important to repairing injured tissues), to also to increase antioxidants. All of this works to also accelerate bone and scar healing.

What that means in plain English is that the laser delivers deep, penetrating, photonic (that is, light) energy which creates changes that help to repair damaged areas of your body and promote healing. The result is a decrease in pain, a decrease of inflammation (swelling), and true healing.

These laser treatments at Hashimoto Chiropractic in La Quinta are cumulative, so it is not uncommon to cut the healing time in half for injuries and completely eliminate symptoms associated with your back pain.

Deep tissue laser therapy does not require the use of neither drugs nor surgery, and there are no known negative side effects or risks associated with these laser treatments, as there frequently are other forms of treatment.

There are a number of different grades of medical lasers: a class III laser or "Cold Laser" is a low level. On the other hand, class IV lasers are very powerful and can penetrate deep into tissue and often creating a pleasant warming sensation over the area of treatment.

Please check out the video demonstration of deep tissue laser therapy below. I hope you find this information useful.

The laser will likely make your back feel better and we have 3 of them in our office. It's not the only tool we use in our office, but it's an important part which is why most of our patients request the laser during their treatment.

Here are 3 laser studies for reference of the treatments.

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