3 Ways Experts Believe Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Heal

3 Ways Experts Believe Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Heal

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Stem cell therapy is still in a relatively early stage of integration into the science and medical community. Although research began in earnest in the 1970s, much of it was controversial. According to the University of Utah's Genetic Learning Center, scientists discovered the ability to remove stem cells from human embryos in 1998, but because the embryo was destroyed in the process it became a serious ethical dilemma with passionate opposition and support from both sides of the argument. However, in 2006, scientists discovered they could use a patient's own stem cells in treatment in a similar way. As of now, the FDA has not yet approved stem cell therapy to treat any specific condition, but many practices across the nation are using them to help with the symptoms and quality of life for patients who haven't had success with other treatment methods.

Now that the focus has turned away from the ethical battles surrounding embryonic stem cells, scientists are focusing on how adult stem cell therapy can help patients with everything from joint pain to autoimmune diseases said Dr. Naota Hashimoto, DC, of Desert Medical Care and Wellness in the Palm Spring area of California.

"These adult stem cells are undifferentiated, dormant cells," he said. "This means they will do nothing unless they witness some level of tissue injury that switches them on in a sense."

Doctors like Hashimoto take stem cells from the abdomen or thigh of a patient and inject them into areas that have suffered illness or injury in an attempt to encourage the body to heal itself. Adult stem cells can also be found and transplanted from bone marrow. Here are 5 ways he and other doctors like him believe stem cell therapy can help people all over the world.

1. Autoimmune Diseases
Some patients have reported success with lessening the severity of symptoms associated with their autoimmune diseases.

"Stem cell therapy can help stop the attacks on the immune system and restore the body to a level closer to normal by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation," said Hashimoto.

2. Neurological Diseases
An article published in the International Journal of Health Sciences entitled Role of Stem Cells in Treatment of Neurological Disorder states that the following diseases have been treated successfully in part with stem cell therapy:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Stroke
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Batten's Disease

3. Joint Pain and Arthritis
Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and typically affects those over 40. Even with medications and physical therapy many patients find the pain debilitating and are forced to use a wheelchair or cane to walk or undergo surgery. Many stem cell therapy practices offer an alternative therapy for patients not interested in surgery or who haven't had success with traditional treatment methods for their joint pain.

Stem cell therapy has been used in the treatment of countless diseases and injuries in clinics and practices all over the nation. As the medical community moves forward with strides to increase the amount of evidence and research to support the treatment, they believe the sky will be the limit.

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