What to do in La Quinta

Not far from the Santa Rosa Mountains is Old Town La Quinta, located right on Main street in south La Quinta. This is home to over 30 cafes, shops, boutiques, salons, and service centers in La Quinta. Check out this article from a La Quinta Chiropractor!

Activities Available

Many tourists, second homeowners, and locals flock to La Quinta for the picturesque views and amenities. The city is nestled between Indian Wells and Indio, which are homes to large events such as the BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament, Coachella, and Stage Coach festivals.

The population is close to 40,000 and explodes between October through May during the snowbird season for second homeowners and tourists. The Santa Rosa mountains surround parts of the city of La Quinta and create this majestic scenery.

The influx of tourists in La Quinta naturally attracts many restaurants, golf, pickleball, and tennis opportunities. There is no shortage of options from a well-known chain and franchise options to local boutique destination eateries.

However, there are some basic needs that we all need between all those activities, and La Quinta has attracted some well-known box stores. We have Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Bev Mo, Costco, Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Stater Bros, Ralphs, Sprouts, Trader Joes, Super Walmart, and more.

Since La Quinta is a relatively new city, incorporated in the ’80s, the city has been planned very well with shopping in specific areas and well-designed roads with plenty of parking available when you go shopping. This is especially nice if you are a senior or drive a large vehicle because parallel parking isn’t necessary for La Quinta residents. Some may still find a reason to complain, but all you have to do is take a quick trip to Los Angeles and drive around the city for a day, and you will soon return to La Quinta.

There are many healthcare and medical options for those who need to be near a doctor and a pharmacy. Many residents do not even have to leave La Quinta. Many of the gated communities have some kind of fitness option available. Still, if you wish to be active, there are many well-kept public parks available in La Quinta with free fitness, pickleball, and tennis facilities available depending on the park you go to.

You will find a farmer’s market with local produce and snacks available directly from the farmer or business on the weekends. Other weekends there may be various arts and entertainment, and every day allows people to just take in the scenery.

Some choose to ride their bicycle into Old Town La Quinta for a coffee and breakfast; others visit the cafes or pubs after a round of golf, and locals may head into the area for a happy hour after work. Regardless of the reason, Old Town La Quinta likely has an option for you.

Exercise & Adventure

If you venture out of Old Town La Quinta, you can visit the community fitness center or outdoor recreational areas. If you are a La Quinta resident, the fitness center is a great place to go for exercise, fitness classes, and weight training. Annual membership is comparable to a month or two at a regular gym with many amenities.

If tennis or pickleball is more your game, consider taking a short drive to Fritz Burns Park, where there are plenty of courts to choose from, with one usually available at all times of the day. La Quinta is a pet-friendly city and has a dog park at all the parks with picnic tables, clean restrooms, and many outdoor exercise opportunities.

Trails & Hiking

If outdoor hiking is your thing, La Quinta has 7 fantastic hiking trails for you, some with handrails, bike paths, and others for moderately experienced hikers. One of my favorite hikes is the La Quinta Cove to Lake Cahuilla, a moderate hike of 6.6 miles.

If you are looking for something more challenging, consider the Bear Creek Canyon Trail, which is 8.3 miles. This offers a great view of the mountains to the south and starts out relatively flat and increases in grade just before you hit the 2-mile point.

Suggestions for both trails is to start reasonably early or late and bring plenty of water since there is very little shade. This trail is easy to follow.

If you are looking for something a little easier, consider the Boo Hoff Lolipop trail, named for it’s looping path, which is only 4.8 miles and is deemed to be easy by most. This will be picked up in the dirt parking lot at the southern end of the La Quinta cove. If you take Avenida Bermudas to the south part of the cove, it will turn into Calle Tecate, and the parking lot will be near Avenida Ramirez.

This shouldn’t be difficult to find because there will be plenty of parked cars and people coming and going throughout the day. I hope you enjoy some of these beautiful trails in La Quinta.

Entertainment Options

La Quinta is a stone's throw away from many entertainment options. Many choose to vacation or live here because of the beautiful weather and Santa Rosa mountains or the golf that is available through one of the public courses or the private course they belong to. Still, there are other activities to do when you live here.

Aside from dining, there is a premium movie theater in the middle of the city and casinos not far from La Quinta. You may not be interested in gambling, but many of these casinos attract musicians, comedians, and other entertainers. If you prefer musicals and classical concerts, you may consider the McCallum theater.